News from the Open Cloud

There are interesting new initiative on the cloud front. Here are a few that catch my attention in the past weeks:
  1. OASIS Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP). 
  2. OASIS Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ).
  3. The AWS GovCloud (US) Region
Camp remind me of BootCamp or LeBootCamp :)

Is CloudAuthZ the next OAuth?

With all the buzz around cloud, I am curious to see where we are going. 

How are all these new initiatives going to impact us on the Web, while using DropBox, EverNote, or Google+, LinkedIn, Apple and the like? 

Where is the trust going to be on the WEB?

I'll like to keep the center-stage in this role game and own my identity, keep my tokens secured in my wallet like I do today. I am not sure I want to trust comercial entities to do this for me, free of charges.

Can players like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat and the telcos get into this game and provide the unified platform for everyone to standardize on?


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