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Why ws-rx ?

I am mostly working on Web Services related technologies. I found the recent introduction of the WS-RX committe from the Oasis consortium funny, as it reuse the original drugs' Rx symbol [nothing to do with the work of the committe; just the name]. These two points should be enought to explain the reasons behind my choice, and it should be easy to remember.

Is there any simpler than that ?

I have been reading articles at the gym, and was surprise to see how simple it can be to build an afiliate program with Web Services, using the .NET Web Services Platform. Read 'Create a Modern Extension to Your Online Business with a Public API' @ to have a feel for it. When I came back from the gym, I got a few questions on the back of the printed copy:
What's in the WSDL to describe the interfaces?Error handling is implied. How does it work for real ? What happens when the DB is down?There is some DataSet Magic, with the way the result of the Web Service call is mapped into an ASP template? Does it work the same if the affiliate what to use java / jsp ?Other than switching to https, the options listed sound like marketing sageway into the futur. Is WSE 2.0 realy interoperable today?It look like a lot of material to get started with, on my technical writing, here on Blogger :-)Until then, -ecco