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With the latest technology preview of JDeveloper, you have to choose between two flavors. Kind of like Strawberry vs. Vanilla. Which one should I pick. After all it's a question of taste.
Personally, I pick JAX-RPC for the following reasons:
- It's more stable as it was already part of 10.1.3 release.
- There is a nice helper to set endpoint address (and other little things).
- It does not query for the WSDL every time you instantiate a new object, which is mainly adding HTTP requests I do not want to see in the HTTP Analyzer window.
- Most of the time, I can work around schema issues with the no-data-binding options. You just need to learn how to leverage this class: oracle.webservices.SOAPUtil and the 'toSOAPElement()' method.

If you are looking into new features, like addressing, ws-rm or any policy-based feature, you should look at JAX-WS. It's the future.

For those who are missing setEndpoint(), the equivalent in JAX-WS will look like this:
URL endpointUrl;

Is bigger really better ?

Do you need dual screen or a bigger screen?

For a long time, I have been thinking that having dual screen setup was more productive than having a single screen, then I start to look at some other developers having a single large 24" screen with many xterm.

I am getting tired to see pop-up showing up in the middle of the virtual screen that is the result of two screens.

I know, the correct answer is to have 3 screens. Then, the small pop-up will be centered in the middle of the virtual space as well as the physical display.

Soon, I'm hoping to get a new 24" iMac for my home operations. Yes, I still believe in Santa...

My YouTube pick for today (in memory of WebVan):

Until next time...

Bye bye Vista - Welcome Linux

I have been busy recently, and this is how it translate on my blog. Not much was happening there... I use to post about Web Services, and Vista until that day, where I got a system upgrade.
It all started nicely with a nice screen and a simple prompt.

The only problem was that it took me to much time before to get to that screen. (I even had the time to turn on the camera on my "Mobile5" device to take the two shoots.

That was it. Bye bye vista / Welcome to Entreprise Linux 5.
Maybe, it was made to happen, when I picked this background for my laptop.

To be fair, I have to said that I got my first 'screen of death' on my iMac during the same periode of time...

With all that, I wish you a good day.
Next time, I may be back with useful stuff.