Bye bye Vista - Welcome Linux

I have been busy recently, and this is how it translate on my blog. Not much was happening there... I use to post about Web Services, and Vista until that day, where I got a system upgrade.
It all started nicely with a nice screen and a simple prompt.

The only problem was that it took me to much time before to get to that screen. (I even had the time to turn on the camera on my "Mobile5" device to take the two shoots.

That was it. Bye bye vista / Welcome to Entreprise Linux 5.
Maybe, it was made to happen, when I picked this background for my laptop.

To be fair, I have to said that I got my first 'screen of death' on my iMac during the same periode of time...

With all that, I wish you a good day.
Next time, I may be back with useful stuff.


girlgeek said…
Please tell me more, MUCH MORE. My initial response to the joys of Vista was to partition off half my hard drive for Linux. That's as far as it went. Now Oracle has released VM and I'm wondering if I can place it under Vista and replace Vista on top with the 'restore disk' that you get with a new machine. What do you know? What was your experience?

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