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What got really transfer and used - who can we trust ?

With all those services that are using Face Book as identity, I am starting to get suspicious about the value they get from it. Here is the claim (in french):
And here is the disclaimer from Face Book:

Who should I trust - I do not care about my public profile, all the information I put on face book is public and may not be accurate, so it's OK to have this shared with other for their use.
My list of friends - no way / I do not want them to get spam. What is of interest to me may not be of interest to them.
@Facebook, I do not mind sharing my face book email, but that's about it.

Testing embedded link to Amazon store...

Testing embedded link to Amazon store from my blog, to works with the new skin : My next Big Toy !!! The link to my twitter entry ( Or as it would be on twitter: Just saw this on Amazon: by for via @amazon

JDeveloper 12c is available from OTN

It's time to upgrade to the latest version of JDeveloper to get the latest technology from Oracle. You can get your download from this page.
On Mac OS-X, I have been using the "Generic" option of Studio Edition:
On my work desktop, running Windows 7, I did go with the installer - Windows 64-bit Install (Size: 1.8 GB).
As the first install failed with a generic error, I guess it's worth reminding everyone that you have to run the installer as admin.

The message: "ERROR: Launch: No such file or directory".
 If you go with the generic installer, you will get the root cause for this error:

Unable to access or modify the system registry. Select Run as Administrator when opening the Command Prompt and try again. The Oracle Universal Installer failed. Exiting. First time, it will take a few minutes to setup the environment, and you will see a new pop-up before to get started:

Have fun with this new release, and take a look at the new Coherence/ADF integ…