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Thinking to light the fireplace tonight ?

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JDeveloper 11g on Mac OS-X

Today, I have been stuck at home, and it was a good opportunity for me to upgrade my current 10g release of JDeveloper to the latest and greatest, on my iMac.
So far so good, but remember the basics: read the releases notes, and Google for someone else, with past experience on your issue at hand.
1) setup JDK 1.6 / for me it was already part of the 'OS', just needed to change the default JDK - Applications > Utils > Java > Admin Java, DRAG the 1.6 Version at the top in the list
2) tweak JDK so that the JDev installer does find home as a valid one - It's all documented in the readme (watch for the missing /).
3) Next, you can setup your own .app file to have a nice icon to start from (there is more than just an icon if you are really looking into it).

Now, that I have my first "Hello Eric" service up on WLS, I can start to look at the next steps: setup SVN and get going with the new discovery process.

By the time I am done here, America will have a new presiden…

Random notes

For some time, I have been away from my blog, and sent most of my spare time on facebook, trying to figure out why I should use it. did not find the answer yet ... but I am sure there is some. otherwise, why would everyone been their, and acept my request to connect with them in the first place?

I have a new comic strip to share with you:

If you are still in WS-Land, you may find useful information from Gerard on his blog.

Until next time.

Gary Vaynerchuk on National TV

If you are into wine, you may like this wen site: Gary Vaynerchuk is fun to watch, on his TV show.
I am now waiting for Loic Le Meur to have his version of wine testing on Seemic, so that Robert Scoble knows what to buy, next time he looks for a good bottle.
But, why do we need to through Facebook or FriendConnect in the mix?

Random link

As father day is coming around the conner, here is some could stuff I'll love to have:
the virtual goggles:
the BAD Mini Club:

Hard to guess error, which may not be obvious at first

As you are getting up to speed with the command line option you get with the Oracle Web Service stack, you may ran into the following error message (hopefully, you will be able to google this post) : "method java.util.Collections.emptyList with signature ()Ljava.util.List; was not found."

As the string is directly coming back from the java.lang.NoSuchMethodErrorexception, there is little to be done about it, other that checking that you have pre-requist before to get started. A better error message would have been "JAVA 5 or higher required".

If you ran into this issue, the simplest test to perform is to check the version of the JDK you are getting in your environment ($ java -version will do it).

I guess it's why I am using the ant task instead of the command line option, those days...

Hope it save some of you some time some day.

HTTP Analyzer :: Cru 2008

As I am spending more and more time with BPEL and more complex deployment layout, trapping the SOAP messages going across multiple nodes was becoming harder, until I got introduced to one of the new features from JDeveloper. With the 11g TP3, available from OTN (see announcement), there is a new feature that makes working with the HTTP Analyzer tool even better; the Rules and Filters.

You can define rules and associate with your HTTP listner. Back in 2006, I was explaining how to navigate from message to message with the blue arrows. With this release, you have a new TAB - named correlation - that groups message by logical unit; the grouping is done with the WS-Addressing MessageID (see Figure 1).
Let starts by getting the setup right. For that, you will need to do the following (the exact step may varied, based on you specific configuration setup):
Find the IP address (or hostname) of the system where you run JDeveloper, and make sure that this system can be access from the location wh…


Happy Hour or special Boost - see

And for Monday, we will be back to the healthy version...

Next-Generation Grid Enabled SOA

If you have ~one hour to spare in from of your computer, or at the Gym with the podcast version, this presentation from Dave Chappell is worth your time.

I love the introduction of BPEL Dehydration Example which starts with a sip of water ;-)

Getting back to the big picture, when you are down to the rubber, trying to make versioning works with Web Services is not a bad idea.

Before, there was Web 1.0 - Kudo to this app developer

You don't need to with Web 2.0 to build a Web Application that is usable and fast. Remember how Google was (and still his on the search part).

If you are using the Oracle Middle Ware, I'll recommend the peek console, for the Oscar nomination - http://localhost:8988/peek with the latest Tech Preview III.
Special Kudos for the developer-architect-QA guys (maybe they are the same after all).
From Random pics
My Youtube watch for today: Chem-Culture

setEndpoint('endpoint') on JAX-WS

I have been so used to the simple way to overwrite the URL endpoint you get from the WSDL location with the Oracle's JAX-RPC client proxy, that I have to remember it's that easy on JAX-WS based proxy:

URL endpointUrl;


Some reading and video to watch, while your are waiting for your commit,merge, or other integration task to complete: Linus Torvalds on GIT and SCM.

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