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model error: element "{http://...}foo" not found

As I got some reply off-line, on my previous post, it's time to gives the explanation for the first invalid WSDL.

First, here is my ANT script (build.xml), that can be used to validate any WSDL in JDeveloper 10.1.3:
<project name="blog-demo" default="all" basedir="." xmlns:o="antlib:oracle">
<property file=""/>
<target name="analyze">
<o:analyze wsdl=""/>
and the output
model error: element "{}create-account" not found.In annotatedBank.wsdl, there is a missing element: <types>. The <schema> element cannot be a direct child of the <definitions> element. In my broken sample, the schema is invisible, and therefore the element 'create-account' cannot be found. Check the valid WSDL.

To challenge your knowledge, here … Connection refused

As I am still getting question related to this error, when using JDeveloper, I'll describe my troubleshooting tips here, so that it can be indexed by Google (and other search engines).

If you can access the web resource from IE or Mozilla, but can't get the WSDL to work with JDeveloper, you are most likely facing a common issue. Your HTTP proxy setup may be incorrect.

Here is the screenshoot of the configuration from JDeveloper Last time I used JDeveloper, I was using the HTTP Analyzer feature and I forgot to turn it off before to exit the application. When I re-started JDeveloper the next day, the proxy was still setup for port 8099.

Here is a sample of the output you may get when you face this configuration error:
Buildfile: /Users/eric/devroot/build.xmlanalyze:Failed to read wsdl file at: "", caused by: : Connection refused

Remember to stop HTTP Analyzer before to exit JDeve…

Broken WSDL, but why?

I have started to rely on the XML schema validation that is embedded in JDeveloper and forgot some of the basic check I was doing manually prior to that.

To help improving on error reporting, so that we can make file easier for developers of Web Services, I'll try to compile a list of broken WSDLs, so that we can use them when looking for negative test scenario.

Here is the first one: You can try it, see what error you get and if it make any sense to you. Post a comment with the error you find in this WSDL :-)

Have Fun !!!

Common JAXRPC error - unexpected element name

If you are using JAXRPC, there is an error message that may be hard to connect back to the root cause of the problem. The error message reads something like:
unexpected element name: expected=FileMetadata, actual={urn:FileUpload}FileMetadata.

There may be multiple causes for this error message. The first you want to look at is the flavor of XML schema advertized in the WSDL.

The default value for the elementFormDefault attribute is unqualified (see the w3c spec), which is what the error message above is trying to convey. In the schema section of your WSDL, make sure you can find the declaration: elementFormDefault="qualified"

Sometime, this get lost in the edits of the WSDL file, and many Web Services toolkits wont validate on the consumer side (Axis and .NET are among those). If you cannot alter the original WSDL, make a local copy that you can use to generate your artifacts, then contact the service provider so that they can make the change. The WS-I tools should be able to h…

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