Broken WSDL, but why?

I have started to rely on the XML schema validation that is embedded in JDeveloper and forgot some of the basic check I was doing manually prior to that.

To help improving on error reporting, so that we can make file easier for developers of Web Services, I'll try to compile a list of broken WSDLs, so that we can use them when looking for negative test scenario.

Here is the first one: You can try it, see what error you get and if it make any sense to you. Post a comment with the error you find in this WSDL :-)

Have Fun !!!


Reginald said…
Model error: element {....}create-account not found.

Shouldn't these names be in standard Java notation, hence: createAccount?
Ecco said…
No, it's not that. Once you fix the mistake in the WSDL, the generated code will look like this:

public interface BankServiceImpl extends java.rmi.Remote {
public java.lang.String createAccount(java.lang.String accountName, float initBalance) throws notes.proxy.AccountException, java.rmi.RemoteException;

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