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Consistency and Diagnosability - ζ release

This could be another WTF entry, somewhere else...

A small sample from a log file,as I was trying to search for some potential explanation - No, I didn't made it up or remove a single line in between.

07/05/24 14:25:52 ------> creating monitor
2007-05-24 14:25:52.203 ERROR WSM-xxxx Unable to find audit event definitions.
May 24, 2007 2:25:52 PM xxxx.xxxxx.audit.spi.AuditProvider init

just using some xxxxx so that google does not index this blog entry, and you end-up here while trying to find some help on the net.

It may be time to rethink the Greek alphabet and start using the letter zeta (ζ)...

Internal Server Error (unexpected null value for literal data)

Here is a slightly different version of an error, that took me more than a blink off an eye to recognize.

Unlike in my previous post, the error is coming from the server, wrapped in a soap:fault.

<faultstring>Internal Server Error (unexpected null value for literal data)</faultstring>

The root cause is the same -- a serialization error, but this time on the implementation of the service instead of the client proxy. Remember that all the parts of the schema not marked as nullable or optional must have a value. And you have the same options to handle this:
change your XML Schema, so that it's aligned with your code.add code in the generated JavaBean, so that you have default value setremember to always use all the setter when instantiating a new Java object that will be included in the response (this is error prone, so it's why I like #2 better).
Using SOAP …

JDev 11g new feature - webapp.deploy

If you are moving from JDeveloper 10g to 11g Technology Preview, as I did in the past days, you may find this handy - it took me a while to figure it out, so it may save you time.

I used to deploy my Web Services applications directly from the IDE with the context menu on the webapp.deploy node, as in the picture below.

With 11g, it's a little different. The node is gone; instead you can find the command directly on the project's node.

And, if you want to make modification to the deployment descriptor, you will find a new entry in the project properties screen, under the deployment category.

I'll share some more, as there are some nice features. Check the "Test Proxy" feature on Brian's blog.

Who likes F.U.D.G.E ?

The new acronym FUDGE of the day: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt around Governance in the Enterprise. No, it's not a cookie, but it goes well with S.C.A: Society of Confused Architects.

Who Need Dual Screen?

I do - a picture is worth 100ths words...

And you only need to hit (right-Shift + Print Screen) to get both screens into your clipboard.

By the way, you can see the new version of JDeveloper with the WSIL browser and the Test Web Service integration, working on a remote OC4J instance even with 0 project on your local disk - pretty cool. I'll write some more about it once I got it figured out.
Nice Work, Alan and Gerard (sorry if I missed anyone).

Latest OC4J released

As we are heading to the 2007 cru for JavaOne, we are also getting the latest oc4j version available, to start playing with the latest technology available on the J2EE trent: get it from OTN on the oc4j homepage.

This mark another personal achievement : closing up on the number of posts with Mike, on the OTN Web Services forum.