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Back to my WS-Root

After a long time looking into Application development and UX widget, I am taking a fresh look at Web Services and I'll be starting to play with JSON and REST ideas.

But first thing first, I have to refresh my IDE install on my MacBook Air - This is an easy 2 steps process:

Download the latest version from OTN - Version is the latest (Build 6081).Follow the steps from Shay's blog. The 1.7 GB file is not really lightweight on the WIFI network - it's better to have something else to do while waiting for the file to be ready, like learning about Oracle Enterprise Repository: Start with the overview, here.Next is the Java API References, a.k.a. the JavaDoc and the OSR online documentation. There is a lot of reading material, so you should be good for some time. You can also browse the Sample Code collections on OTN - My next stop is the Oracle CRM On Demand Sample Code.
Here are 3 screen shoots that are important: Pop-up screen you will get once the installer download…