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Customer Service and user experience

I have been trying to setup a new account with Amazon to get into the french version of the associate program, and got an email with potential french readers. It all started well, with a nice intro: Cher Partenaire,
Merci d'avoir pris contact avec le Programme Partenaires d'
 Then, there was a link:
Ai-je résolu votre problème?Si non, cliquez ici s'il vous plaît : +a short link After I answered a few questions, I got a nice 'Call Me' offer, except they are close right now.

Why are we not able to get a better user experience and see the open hours upfront?

It would be nice to have an asynchronous way to keep in touch on my current issue or ticket. CRM has still a long way to go, especially for free services. Or am I asking too much here?