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Googling and more...

Here are some pieces of Web2.0 I haved enjoyed today. I figure out I should share them.
How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters (1 hour worth listening too)

The S stands for Simple

I found this catching title funny:
"Want to be cool? Learn REST. Want a career? Learn WS."

learned that "to Google" is now a verb that is on some dictionary - Thanks Antoine !!!

found out why I have an iMac at home - Thanks Yobo !!! (you'll have one soon...)

and finaly, tested UberIcon from Punk Software - Thanks Olivier !!!

dmg for JDev on MAC is available from OTN

I have missed the annoucement, so I figure other may also be looking for it:
Check the OTN download page for the latest download.
Another usefull page to bookmark are the Main Documentation and J2EE & Web Services pages.

Changing the version of JDK used by JDeveloper

I have recently learned a quick and lazy way to change the version of the JDK used to run JDeveloper 10g R3. I am sure there is an option somewhere in the configuration screen to do the same, which I couldn't find...

While JDeveloper is not running, locate the embedded JDK on disk and rename (or delete) that directory. For me, it was C:\opt\jdev\jdk. Once it's done, restart and you will by asked to locate the version of the JDK you want to use.

It's another step to get going with JAVA on Vista.