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The importance of content for Image and Perception

After Oracle's news about the changes at the helm, I was offered to follow a new user on twitter. which may be relevant for me - @MarkVHurd

My first click from twitter, on my mobile phone, was to look at is web site :

Here is what I saw over 3 days, and 3 visits - the screen are compiled in one animated gif - days 1, 2 and 3 are available as still images on my G+ page too ;)

The pros: the web master is busy improving the site every day.
The cons: they do not seams to get what mobile friendly really means... here is the same site in desktop view.
Here again, you can see that the web master was busy - there is a new anchor:

Mark Hurd is Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Corporation and a member of the Board of Directors
As a geek, you tale a look at the browser title (or at the source):

property="og:title" content="Mark Hurd | Oracle President and Board of Directors Member" />
The question I am left with: does the web master get the concepts behind