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Vista and the integrated unzip feature, tips wanted?

If you have any tips to share, please drop me a comment here. It may help other as well...

So far, the only result I got from Google are this "Worse Than Failure" entry with screen shoot similar to mine, and an entry from Microsoft's support that seams off topic...

Here is how the process started.

After I got started on search the net and into the mood that trigger this entry, it got even worth.

A few years back, at JavaOne, there was a presentation were Oracle was demonstrating how JDeveloper intaller, or the lack of it, was easy to used, compared to the VisualStudio equivalent of the time.

Could have this been done on purpose?

Or is this just that I need to turn off the remaining security features that I have still not totaly disabled?

By the time the unzip was done with the extra process, I had already configure IIS 7.0 on than same Vista Ultimate instance, thanks to this post. Just remember to enable the new default port on your local firewall. Some things are getting be…

SOAPFaultException: IllegalArgumentException: Decoding tip

As part of my ongoing work on the SOA and SCA (Society of Confused Architects) bandwagon, I have a new not-so-easy error to explain and share with you.

Here is how the error will reads from the client side, when using Oracle Web Services tech Stack on the 10gR3 releases:
javax.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPFaultException: Caught exception while handling request:
deserialization error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

The SOAP response will look something like that:

1 <?xmlversion='1.0'encoding='UTF-8'?>
2 <env:Envelopexmlns:env="">
3 <env:Body>
4 <env:Fault>
5 <faultcode>env:Client</faultcode>
6 <faultstring>Caught exception while handling request: deserialization
7 error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException</faultstring>
8 </env:Fault>
9 </env:Body>
10 </env:Envelope>

In my case, the error was just because I was having an invalid value
for …

WS faultcode of the day - env:Server UndeclaredThrowableException

Here is an error that I have seen a few time in the past days, for which I have not find an easy way around. Just a user error, hard to catch...
<faultstring>Internal Server Error (Caught exception while handling request: java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException)</faultstring>
</env:Body>In playing with the 'mapheaderstoparameters' option for the topDownAssemble target, I forgot to change the method signature on the implementation class before to repackage my application. When the code generated at deployement time does not match with the code packaged in your application, this is the error you may get.

Until we get smarter in the code generation and have dynamic services with pre-deployment check, the best remains to make a knot on your handkerchief.

Some random notes, in a developer's reading day.

Here are some random link to resources I found on the Web, that I have read over the weekend, and that I'll keep in my bookmarks for a while. As I am in transit between different computers, I figure out that my blog was not a bad place to keep them handy...

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content ProtectionJust one viewpoint on Vista's content protection system. As a side note, I have seen Vista Ultimate running on a brand new high-end system over the weekend, at a friend's home, with an XBox360 and a huge TV screen. Very nice !!! I am jealous, I can't do the same with a 24 inch iMac using my Home Theater setup. Musings of a Windows Vista Technical EvangelistA nice blog with tones of tips on Windows Vista.The Top 12 Productivity Killers in Your Development MethodologyI especially have this one reasoning in my mind: "Fact 12: Coding conventions are efficient; they must be imposed." I still have not been able to understand why this is not de-jure in any softwar…

Santa, or a serious ramen shop for serious ramen fans.

Today was another farwell lunch; this time it's mine turn.

The destination was Santa, a ramen place downtown San Mateo.

The first time I eat there, about 5 years ago, was when I was interviewing for my current job position.
Serge, Olivier, the only reel changes since that time are that the Japanese TV shows are no longer part of the 'atmosphere' and that you are both far away. Nilesh will be able to carry on the tradition.

After all, there is such thing as a free lunch !!!
For some, it was the price to pay to see me going away.

So long everyone.