Some random notes, in a developer's reading day.

Here are some random link to resources I found on the Web, that I have read over the weekend, and that I'll keep in my bookmarks for a while. As I am in transit between different computers, I figure out that my blog was not a bad place to keep them handy...

Just one viewpoint on Vista's content protection system.

As a side note, I have seen Vista Ultimate running on a brand new high-end system over the weekend, at a friend's home, with an XBox360 and a huge TV screen.

Very nice !!! I am jealous, I can't do the same with a 24 inch iMac using my Home Theater setup.

A nice blog with tones of tips on Windows Vista.

I especially have this one reasoning in my mind: "Fact 12: Coding conventions are efficient; they must be imposed." I still have not been able to understand why this is not de-jure in any software development organisation - small or large.

Start thinking about 6.0, so you will be ready on time. For me, it just mean I have to start running my code using 6.0 JDK and see if my IDE can handle it. As you need to pick the best tool for the job, it may be time to evaluate a new tool.

I have also start to use JDeveloper to play with mySQL, Subversion, Hibernate, and found some interesting how-to on the topics. I'll have to make another compilation of what is useful and some of the traps I didn't missed, in case it helps others.

It was a busy weekend ;-)


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