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PHP and JDeveloper - Hand by Hand

If you are looking for a simple editor, with the ability to do simple validation of your PHP files, JDeveloper may be an option for you. Look for the PHP extension using the "Check for Updates..." feature in the Help menu.
For long, I have been thinking that scripting was not easy to use, as you have to wait until the execution time to get syntax errors. Now, you can see some of the basic syntax error as you type in.

Here are some other resources I wanted to share:
- The DeployPHP Series
- Configuring MySQL DataSources with OC4J and JDeveloper
- How To Use ADF Business Components with MySQL

Web services are getting the back seat on my blog;-)

iPod auto sink

Is there anyway we can turn off the use of this nice "auto erase" feature on the iTunes software, so that you don't loose the content if the pop-up "do you want to erase the content of this foreigner iPod?" get the focus as you are typing in text and hit ENTER ?

The result is quiet simple: a clean iPod. Cool to go with this piece of electronic equipement to the gym. I guess it will be my lane excuse to go back home directly, tonight ;-)

This will be a good one for the 'get a Mac' commercial...

[SOAPAction] Error: Unable to determine operation id

To try to make it easier for those who google with error message, here are two possible explanations for this error message, when using JAX-RPC based Web Service runtine.
a) The value of the SOAPAction attribute on the HTTP Header on the wire do not match with the value expected by the service endpoint, as advertised on the WSDL soap:binding.
Wire sample:
User-Agent: Oracle HTTPClient Version 10h
SOAPAction: "CalculatePrice"
WSDL snippet:
44 <bindingname="XmlCalculatePricePort"type="tns:XmlCalculatePricePort">
45 <soap:bindingtransport=""
46 style="document"/>
47 <operationname="CalculatePrice">
48 <soap:operationsoapAction="CalculatePrice"/>
49 <input>
50 <soap:bodyuse="literal"/>
51 </input>
52 <output>
53 <soap:bodyuse="literal"/>
54 </output>
55 </operation>
56 </binding>

Note: the use …

Elections 2007 - qui l'eu cru !!!

Je ressemble à Dominique Voynet 40%

Mes points communs avec les autres candidats:
2/ François Bayrou 40%
3/ Olivier Besancenot 36%
4/ Marie-Georges Buffet 36%
5/ Nicolas Sarkozy 32%
6/ Ségolène Royal 32%
7/ Philippe de Villiers 28%
8/ Frédéric Nihous 24%
9/ Jean-Marie Le Pen 16%
10/ Arlette Laguiller 12%