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HTTP Analyzer :: Cru 2008

As I am spending more and more time with BPEL and more complex deployment layout, trapping the SOAP messages going across multiple nodes was becoming harder, until I got introduced to one of the new features from JDeveloper. With the 11g TP3, available from OTN (see announcement), there is a new feature that makes working with the HTTP Analyzer tool even better; the Rules and Filters.

You can define rules and associate with your HTTP listner. Back in 2006, I was explaining how to navigate from message to message with the blue arrows. With this release, you have a new TAB - named correlation - that groups message by logical unit; the grouping is done with the WS-Addressing MessageID (see Figure 1).
Let starts by getting the setup right. For that, you will need to do the following (the exact step may varied, based on you specific configuration setup):
Find the IP address (or hostname) of the system where you run JDeveloper, and make sure that this system can be access from the location wh…