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Revolution is around the corner

This article is incredible: "Bell Launches Ingenious Bicycle Anti-Theft Product".

I had to share this one.

Vista Beta 2, take II

After spending a few days with my installation, I am starting to find that it was only a beta drop, after all.
I am running into some interesting issues with access priviledge. I have been used to start my process using 'sudo' on Linux, so that I can work around some system checks without to go through a real server strength installation.
For now, I'll give it another shoot, before to go for a clean install and avoid the potential trouble with the Window XP upgrade part.

Vista Beta 2 - Nice look


I have found the time to get build 5219 of Windows Vista installed on my laptop. It was a seamless experience, that started on the wrong foot, but with an happy ending. I did not use NFS - still the FAT32 - did not have the 9GB of free disk space required - bye bye Oracle db 9r2.

The other surprise was with the time it took to finalize the installation, having the same screen asking me not to reboot yet for over 3 hours - good for our front yard, where I have spend most of the afternoon.

Cisco wireless is working again, and I do not seam to have any problem. I can start to play with the new stuff there !!!