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Should I write code before I can test it?

Maybe this would be better as a question on twitter, as I may not get to many comment here on my web 1.5 journal.

Is it OK to write code I cannot test and assumes that by the time I am done writing the features I have in mind, the environment to test it would be available, or should I start setting up the environment first, and get the hello world application up and running with the monitoring and clean log files, so that I can then go ahead with small incremental cycles which are all providing features I can test as I go?

On another topic, when can you consider that a forum or forum category is to be considered dead?
a) 0 post in a day
b) 0 post in a week ?
c) 0 post in a month?


No comment, I have been looking forward to my new toys for days now, and the news is out on April first ...