Should I write code before I can test it?

Maybe this would be better as a question on twitter, as I may not get to many comment here on my web 1.5 journal.

Is it OK to write code I cannot test and assumes that by the time I am done writing the features I have in mind, the environment to test it would be available, or should I start setting up the environment first, and get the hello world application up and running with the monitoring and clean log files, so that I can then go ahead with small incremental cycles which are all providing features I can test as I go?

On another topic, when can you consider that a forum or forum category is to be considered dead?
a) 0 post in a day
b) 0 post in a week ?
c) 0 post in a month?


Kati Molnar said…
I did both in the past. There is nothing like the incremental coding when it comes to understand the project better.
When time allows, I find it helpful to leave some of the bottom up pieces as introductory toys and do a full redesign from the top eventually.
The situation you have been in April looks all too familiar to me. I am just waiting to get access to the environment while I have a pressing deadline. So one starts bottom up, doing the little parts that are needed, easily understood, and eventually can be fitted into the big picture.

Hey, programming is fun, we can enjoy it as well (ahh, if I could forget the deadline looming...).


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