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Next-Generation Grid Enabled SOA

If you have ~one hour to spare in from of your computer, or at the Gym with the podcast version, this presentation from Dave Chappell is worth your time.

I love the introduction of BPEL Dehydration Example which starts with a sip of water ;-)

Getting back to the big picture, when you are down to the rubber, trying to make versioning works with Web Services is not a bad idea.

Before, there was Web 1.0 - Kudo to this app developer

You don't need to with Web 2.0 to build a Web Application that is usable and fast. Remember how Google was (and still his on the search part).

If you are using the Oracle Middle Ware, I'll recommend the peek console, for the Oscar nomination - http://localhost:8988/peek with the latest Tech Preview III.
Special Kudos for the developer-architect-QA guys (maybe they are the same after all).
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My Youtube watch for today: Chem-Culture