WS faultcode of the day - env:Server UndeclaredThrowableException

Here is an error that I have seen a few time in the past days, for which I have not find an easy way around. Just a user error, hard to catch...
<faultstring>Internal Server Error (Caught exception while handling request: java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException)</faultstring>
In playing with the 'mapheaderstoparameters' option for the topDownAssemble target, I forgot to change the method signature on the implementation class before to repackage my application. When the code generated at deployement time does not match with the code packaged in your application, this is the error you may get.

Until we get smarter in the code generation and have dynamic services with pre-deployment check, the best remains to make a knot on your handkerchief.


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