Vista and the integrated unzip feature, tips wanted?

If you have any tips to share, please drop me a comment here. It may help other as well...

So far, the only result I got from Google are this "Worse Than Failure" entry with screen shoot similar to mine, and an entry from Microsoft's support that seams off topic...

Here is how the process started.
Vista unzip estimate

After I got started on search the net and into the mood that trigger this entry, it got even worth.
Vista unzip estimate, take 2

A few years back, at JavaOne, there was a presentation were Oracle was demonstrating how JDeveloper intaller, or the lack of it, was easy to used, compared to the VisualStudio equivalent of the time.

Could have this been done on purpose?

Or is this just that I need to turn off the remaining security features that I have still not totaly disabled?

By the time the unzip was done with the extra process, I had already configure IIS 7.0 on than same Vista Ultimate instance, thanks to this post. Just remember to enable the new default port on your local firewall. Some things are getting better...


Eric said…
I have also experienced this. I gave up and installed 7-zip...
Brian Duff said…
The unzip functionality that was added to Windows XP was famed for being pathetically slow, and it looks like no improvements were made to it in Vista. Sad stuff. I like your conspiracy theory a lot ;)

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