Back to my WS-Root

After a long time looking into Application development and UX widget, I am taking a fresh look at Web Services and I'll be starting to play with JSON and REST ideas.

But first thing first, I have to refresh my IDE install on my MacBook Air - This is an easy 2 steps process:

  1. Download the latest version from OTN - Version is the latest (Build 6081).
  2. Follow the steps from Shay's blog.
The 1.7 GB file is not really lightweight on the WIFI network - it's better to have something else to do while waiting for the file to be ready, like learning about Oracle Enterprise Repository:
There is a lot of reading material, so you should be good for some time. You can also browse the Sample Code collections on OTN - My next stop is the Oracle CRM On Demand Sample Code.

Here are 3 screen shoots that are important:
Pop-up screen you will get once the installer download is completed.

Remember to follow the steps described in Shay's blog before to start. You need to get the Apple JVM detected as in the screen shoot below.
Apple JVM detected

Once you are here, it simple - just follow the remaining steps of the installer. 
Hope you find this useful - Happy Java coding in JDeveloper. 


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