Who likes F.U.D.G.E ?

The new acronym FUDGE of the day: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt around Governance in the Enterprise. No, it's not a cookie, but it goes well with S.C.A: Society of Confused Architects.


Peter K said…
So FUD has matured to FUDGE and I bet that we will soon see FUDGED on the horizon.

That link to the IEEE presentation is okay but I need to point out that it's only one perspective of Enterprise Architecture (the software side).

Think of Enterprise Architecture as the blueprints for the organization much like blueprints for a building or house. You have multiple blueprints showing different perspectives (e.g. electrical, plumbing, structural, etc).

I think the basic problem that we have in IT is the expectation of a "silver bullet" that will solve all of our IT problems. There is no such thing and the only "silver bullet" is ensuring that we can build the right foundation for the Enterprise so that subsequent work can be supported correctly.

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