Who Need Dual Screen?

I do - a picture is worth 100ths words...

And you only need to hit (right-Shift + Print Screen) to get both screens into your clipboard.

By the way, you can see the new version of JDeveloper with the WSIL browser and the Test Web Service integration, working on a remote OC4J instance even with 0 project on your local disk - pretty cool. I'll write some more about it once I got it figured out.
Nice Work, Alan and Gerard (sorry if I missed anyone).


Brian Duff said…
Very cool :)

I really must post a picture to my blog of my insane 4 monitor (and 3 computer) setup. There's no doubt in my mind that having a vast screen display landscape makes you a more productive developer :)
Gerard Davison said…

We can't take credit for the WSIL browser, this goes to David Wright.


Ecco said…
Here is a link to my version of the smoking setup.

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