Connection refused

As I am still getting question related to this error, when using JDeveloper, I'll describe my troubleshooting tips here, so that it can be indexed by Google (and other search engines).

If you can access the web resource from IE or Mozilla, but can't get the WSDL to work with JDeveloper, you are most likely facing a common issue. Your HTTP proxy setup may be incorrect.

Here is the screenshoot of the configuration from JDeveloper Last time I used JDeveloper, I was using the HTTP Analyzer feature and I forgot to turn it off before to exit the application. When I re-started JDeveloper the next day, the proxy was still setup for port 8099.

Here is a sample of the output you may get when you face this configuration error:
Buildfile: /Users/eric/devroot/build.xml analyze: Failed to read wsdl file at: "", caused by: : Connection refused

Remember to stop HTTP Analyzer before to exit JDeveloper or to check your proxy setting often, and you will be OK.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much. I too had forgotten about the HTTP Analyzer and was having this problem. You've saved me hours!!!
Anonymous said…
yeah thanks also, I was going crazy with this!
Anonymous said…
Saved me hours too
Anonymous said…
Thank you!!!! Save my life! Hours and hours of searches till I finally get this thing solved!

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