WSDL and Extensibilty

If you are curious about any vs. anyType, here is a recent paper from Russell Butek that may be helpfull. For me, the common usage of any / anyType remains the way the DataSet are exposed in WSDL, with Microsoft .NET 1.1:
<s:element name="GetAuthorsResponse">
<s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"
<s:element ref="s:schema" />
<s:any />

A basic rule to keep in mind, when you author your own WSDL files. Uses xsd:anyType where you will otherwise use xsd:int, xsd:string or any other XML type. Uses xsd:any where you will otherwise use a named element (not a type).

And to keep out of trouble, only use xsd:anyType when you want to handle arbitrary XML documents. Refrain yourself from using it when you try to think OO in XML.

Have fun while authoring your Services Interfaces.

Happy Chirstmas,



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