JDeveloper 10gR3 and Web Services

If you are planing on developing Web Services on the Oracle stack, using the latest 10.1.3 preview available, I have a couple of tips for you:
  1. Once you are done with the HelloWorld sample service, consider moving from the wizard-based development model to the ant-based scripting on top of WSA - the underlying Web Service Assembler utility.
  2. If you have decided to use the CLI [Command Line Interface] mode to build your simple services, just because an IDE is not for you, I have the same recomendation to make: consider moving from the CLI base model to the ANT base development environment.

Here are my main reasons for that:

  1. JDeveloper's support for annotation (JSR-181) is not intuitive as you have to joggle between code changes and re-enter the wizard while WSA does give you a more predictible development process. Note that you need JDK 1.5.x in order to leveareage annotations - It's the only way to handle SOAP header in bottom-up scenario, if you need to have a rational for using annotation.
  2. WSA's CLI does not support all the complex scenario that can be handled using ANT script - Search for 'oracle:port' in the user's guide to see for yourself.

For these two reasons, switching to ant-based development as soon as possible in your development cycles will be a lifesaver, once you are under presure to deliver this last-minute features that cannot be handled with JDev or the CLI modes.

That said, you can still run your ant target from within JDeveloper - it works great. Remember to run ant in a separate process, and that the setup of JDeveloper process -like HTTP proxy setting- are not propagated automatically to the ant process.


The only time where I find the CLI still valuable is to rapidely test and develop client-side artifacts. There, the mode I used most are: genProxy, analyze, fetchWsdl and genInterface. Those commands are only usefull once, and you are not likely to re-run them as part of your automated build process. If you are, ant is your prefered mode, again.

Happy Coding !!!



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