Failed to find wsa.jar.

Just realized as I am working on some sample code with JDeveloper 10.1.3 and the WSA ant targets that there is a warning that can be missleading to new users.

Here is what you see in the 'Apache Ant - Log' window:
Buildfile: C:\dev\howto\xml-client\build.xml

Failed to find wsa.jar.
Total time: 11 seconds

In my environment, with the file generated by JDeveloper, the issue was that the environment variable used a relative path.

#Wed May 31 23:39:13 PDT 2006

WSA is looking for oracle.home or oc4j.home to locate oc4j.home/webservices/lib/wsa.jar

Using an absolute path is all it takes to get ride of the extra warning.
#Wed May 31 23:39:13 PDT 2006

For more details, see 'Setting Up Ant for WebServicesAssembler'

No big deal, just noise.


ilango said…
Do you have a sample build.xml to help me get started?

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