Going the Vista way

As a geek, and an iMac user at home, I had to try the newly released Windows Vista, after my recent trip to Redmond.

Microsoft is even branding its refreshment after its new baby.

After a clean install and a seamless connection on the corporate network, with access to the network printers and the shared disks on my linux systems, it was time to start reel work.

My luck started to go south. Connecting my iPod shuffle on the keyboard's USB connector to access it as a memory stick did bring up an error pop-up.

Next was a strange behavior when scrolling into my Java applications. After a quick email to the in-house guru, and a pointer to this blog, I was back on track...

Since this morning, I have been trying to download the latest JDK from Sun's web site, so that I can get my Java applications in a usable state, and I am back to the stone age on the modem speed.

I'll need to figure out which setup I need to tweak to get back the the ligthning speed of modern computers.

Let see how it goes. Hopefully, my next story will be on a better tone.

10/18 Update - watch out for IPv6 vs. IPv4. Let's hope this is it.


> Microsft is even branding their refreshment after there new baby.

Microsoft are even branding their refreshment after their new baby


Microsoft is even branding its refreshment after its new baby.
Ecco said…
Thanks for picking this up.

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