Upgrading to Vista today ...

I could not resist on this one...

After seeing the PS3 vs WII ads on YouTube, I am getting used to the pattern. but the last "Get a Mac" clip on Surgery made my day.

For me, the upgrade was not that painfull after all. just a few hours to scan and rescan the disk - I was using RC2, so it's one could expect as you move to the production release.

Next week, I'll try to locate the anti-virus release of Symantec that's supported for Vista - it should be out by now.

For me, the killer app on Vista remain the index on the outlook email that can be accessed from the start menu - Spotlight re-invented, just better.

By the way, did you see the new iPhone, the phone re-invented, an ipod with a rotary wheel, like in the old days. When are we going to get iPod analog, for the vynil lovers?


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