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If you are trying to stay on top of the latest technologies in the Java land, you can get your hands on the latest preview version of JDeveloper today:

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview 2 is available here

More on this, once I get a chance to install the Mac OS X version.


Kumar GN said…
Do you know if the Webservices support reading any Collection Objects in the 11g .It didn't seems like .Or do you have a way to makeit work using Jdeveloper 11g . I bilieve it does not totally support in 10g .
Thanks for any hints on this.
Ecco said…
I don't know the answer for sure.

In all my Web services work, I am taking the schema-first approach, where I start from WSDLs.

In 10g, I believe it should be supported. You may want to look at JAXB : http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/WebServices/jaxb/index.html
Ecco said…
oups-I ment 11g

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