Learning about the Oracle Cloud and the new Alta skin.

I had a conversation with +David Haimes on twitter the other day about blogging, and realized I have not been blogging for a long long time.

While I can find information about almost everything with Google or Stack Overflow, I realized that it's sometime hard to find the one piece of information which is relevant for you, in your current context.

It usually ends up being a compilation of multiple blog posts or answers; it's the curated content which brings most of the $$$ value.

As I go through the process to discover how to use the Oracle public cloud, I am going to blog about the learning process, here.

The first advise I'll share is this one:

For any sample you are using, start with Git

Here is why:

  1. Once you have a working version, commit and push to the remote.

    It give you the following benefits: easy to share with your peers - you have a backup for 'free' - in case the next set of changes break something in a bad way, rolling back is a breeze.
  2. Once you have a broken version, rollback is cheap - see above ;)
  3. Once you are happy with your work, it's ready for other to view and use

    You have no extra step required, and other may even find it valuable before you consider to be done with it. 
Here is my new GitHub account where I will start to follow the same rule in the coming days:

The specific blog post I wanted to reference today is this one: http://markchensblog.blogspot.com/2014/05/develop-and-deploy-jersey-restful.html

It's a great post, and I do not need to replicate it's content here. 

Only issue I had was that jersey-bundle-1.9.war was not present on the distribution I used to deploy to my cloud instance - I was using JDeveloper and I could only find jersey-bundle- on my local wlserver_10.3\common\deployable-libraries folder.

The fix is also trivial - get a newer version and install it as documented in the blog post referenced above.

Today, the sample I'll love to see in a Git repository, so I can Scan the code to learn how it was built before I Commit to it and run the sample on my local instance - it's the Oracle Alta demo.

There is a new code sample available on OTN for Alta skin - source: http://t.co/kZ0794V4R1 (or http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/index-098948.html#alta) It would have been nice to get it from https://github.com/oracle/Oracle-Cloud (or some other repo).

As I am proof reading my billet, I realized that this is the second advise I would have love to get from someone more knowledgeable -my mentor- with the Oracle public cloud development model.

It's give me an easy follow-up post for next year.


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