Can I dance with you?

I don't know how to Tango, but I still want to dance with you.

I just came across Harold's blog entry about Sun's project Tango and Arun's "It takes 2 to tango" post. As they put it, the focus is to have interop working between Sun and Microsoft. What about the other platforms? Hopefully, we will get back to the 'true interop' model and the n*m spirit of SOAPBuilder. It will benefit all users of Web services, and make investment in the technologie worthwile.

From the outcome of the plugfest event, you get the guaranty that you will be able to call Microsoft endpoints from your platform and that you can host Microsoft-friendly services, that customer's of the .NET platform can consume.

The missing piece: any level of confidence that your customers will be able to consume your own flavor of WSDL, if you are not using the Microsoft style and formats - see my post on Office 2003 for such example, were the WSDL is following the WS-I profile but fails to mimic some Microsoft secret-sauce.

Hope that the SOAPbuilder community can find a way to get back some traction - "whatever happened to interop testing" thread may tell us ...



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