soap UI - or a dream come true

If you are on the market for a tool that can help you with your SOA quest, here is a new addition to the mandatory toolbox (or USB key swiss knife).

Finding Oracle in the drop-down list, together with Axis and XFire is a sign: there are some real people out there using our stuff.

And, the best part is that it works!!! I won't need to continu maintaining my own ant scripts for plain vanilla use of wsa when I am not using JDeveloper. Download the latest here and see it for yourself, if you don't believe me.


anuradha said…

I am new to soap ui and trying to test webservices. Do you happen to now why I keep getting "Connection refused"
Ecco said…
There may be many causes for a 'connection refused' error message.

ps. posting questions as comment on blog is not the best way to get answers - try forum instead. For Oracle stack, you can go to OTN:

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