Vista unzip performance, PNG files and more

I) Unzip speed.

I found an easy work around for my unzip issue; it's called PODP (Plain Old Dos Promt). Thanks to C. Spieler, I can execute unzip from the command line.
C:\Users\erajkovi\Downloads>unzip -d \opt
II) Screen capture and files size.

This may just be a fact: PNG is far from giving you a compression level that is comparable to JPEG on Windows Vista, using Paint. I have done a screen capture of my full desktop screen (1280x1024) and save it in PNG, as I was becoming acoustate to use open formats. The bottom line:

I must be doing something wrong...

III) SQL Developer Migration Workbench Early Adopter for public evaluation is out !!!


Ronald said…
png vs jpg

Nothing wrong here. PNG is the successor to GIF and not JPG.

PNG-> cartoon like drawings
Ecco said…
Thanks for the correction - I was misslead by the statement that PNG are good for Windows screenshoot.

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